Why paying with your iPhone may become more complicated

Why paying with your iPhone may become more complicated

For several months now, the sentence has been hanging over Apple’s nose: the Cupertino firm has been guilty of stifling competition for years. It must be said that the NFC functionality allowing communication between iPhones and payment terminals in stores was only allowed on Apple Payto the detriment of potential competitive applications. Today, things are going to change: Competition is open following a decision by the European Union.

The conclusion of an investigation launched in 2020

These changes were imposed following an investigation opened in 2020 by the European Union. The latter ruled on anti-competitive practices from Apple regarding Apple Pay. In a preliminary opinion, the commission had considered that “theThe App Store rules violate the new Digital Markets Regulation (DMA), which came into effect in March, preventing app developers from directing consumers to alternative distribution channels for offers and content. ».

On June 24, The European Commission has threatened to impose a very heavy fine on Appleunless the Cupertino company takes steps to comply with the European Union’s competition rules. Finally, Apple gave in.

As a reminder, this is not the first time that Apple has responded to the demands of the European market: last September, faced with pressure from the European Union, the American firm adopted the universal USB-C charging port to comply with European legislation.

What changes for the consumer?

Competitors will now be able to effectively compete with Apple Pay for mobile payments made with iPhone in stores, giving consumers a wider choice of secure and innovative digital wallets. ” announced Margrethe Vestager, the European Union’s Commissioner for Competition.

What this means in concrete terms is thatIt will no longer be necessary to go through Apple Pay to make a payment via NFC. Until now, all compatible banks had to agree to integrate their bank cards with Apple Pay. This decision will change one simple thing: from now on, Any bank will be able to remove its card from Apple Pay and create its own rival app.

Apple Pay Online Banking

So, if you have an account with Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel or BNP Paribas, it is very likely that in the future you will have to go through the dedicated application of these banks in order to benefit from “tap & go”. In other words, as long as you have several accounts in different banks, Your bank cards will probably not all be centralized in the same place.

It will also be harder to access the feature as quickly as it is currently. As a reminder, today, you just have to press the device’s unlock button twice in a row to launch Apple Pay. This simple mechanism could be made obsolete in the future if a third-party application were to take over the concept.

  • Following an investigation and a threat of a heavy fine from the European Union, Apple has given in to the opening of competition for Apple Pay
  • It is therefore possible that new applications will take up the concept of NFC payment on iPhone (like banks)
  • Credit cards will potentially no longer be able to be centralized into a single service

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