Why is the Disney+ application very disappointing?  (Editorial)

Why is the Disney+ application very disappointing? (Editorial)

With the advent of streaming services, most of us have gotten out of the habit of keeping movies locally on our devices. However, it is sometimes a lifesaver to have video content on a smartphone or tablet, without needing an internet connection.

In this way, main services such as Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Pluspropose to download their content so that it is available offline. However, the disastrous download feature of the Disney app prompted me to look into it.

Why is it so complicated to access offline content on Disney+?

Preparing to fly 4 times recently, my first instinct was to start downloading movies and series episodes to stave off in-flight boredom. Heading to Disneyland parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong, I naturally turned to the app Disney+not suspecting the error I was making.

I’m taking advantage of the first 12-hour flight and the upcoming release of Vice Versa 2 to watch the first title named Pixar. Surprise, the streaming application gives me an error 42 while I had carefully prepared my playlist of titles downloaded from my home WiFi network. Too bad, maybe only this movie failed to download? Nay, every gigabyte of Disney+ item data on my smartphone was completely unusable.

My experience with streaming services and my instinct tell me that the app probably wanted I connect just before the flight, in order to authenticate myself. Once I arrived in Shanghai, I tried it before be banned from accessing my downloads for “content unavailable in this region”.

Despite my attempts to download via WiFi or using Free mobile data not subject to the Great Firewall of China (which notably blocks American services such as Disney+), the error has always been present here. A situation also experienced during my return flight, particularly disappointed at not being able to extend my stay at Mickey’s by immersing myself in this universe again.

Code 39, code 42, what are all these error codes?


I mainly faced error codes 39 and 42 during my attempts to take advantage of the service. A service for which I pay 3 euros additional to the basic package included with the Freebox Ultra offer, given that it does not offer the download function.

Being obviously offline at the time, it was impossible for me to search for more information about it on the web. This is how I identified code 39 as being generally a location problem, and code 42 a connection problem (yes yes, for offline videos).

Curious to find out what Disney+ officially offered to resolve these problems, I naturally went to the application’s help page.

The solutions proposed by the official Disney+ page

As what can be described as a “power user” or troubleshooter designated by my family with regard to their various and varied computer problems, consulting an official help page is a particularly rare thing in my case.

However, it is necessary here to see what Disney+ offers as a solution to resolve the problems of its capricious application.


By going to this one, we see that the proposed resolutions are very generalwithout further indication of the error codes.

These solutions have been only inconclusive, forcing Disney+ users to turn to outside help if they do not want to waste several hours with assistance that will probably be just as lost.

Having a problem with something? I’m probably not the only one experiencing it.

My research on Reddit – Aka one of the largest forums in the world – reassured me that problems with the downloads section were commonplace, and that the support was not much help.

Disney+ errors

Looking for a solution, I tried:

  • Delete previously downloaded files
  • Delete and reinstall the application
  • Sign in to Disney+ again
  • Re-download the content I wanted to watch offline
  • Remember to connect to the Disney+ application before I no longer have an internet connection

It was only by meeting all these conditions that it was possible for me to benefit from the Disney+ download function.

A lot of work needs to be done to simplify this functionality

The figures show a current resumption of piracy following the diversification of streaming services, then their constantly increasing prices. An observation that is not difficult to understand when Disney+ struggles to offer a functionality that is supposed to be intuitive and basic to which the consumer is entitled.


Disney having recently divided its offer to offer a subscription with advertising as well as a higher price to enjoy 4K, we have the right to expect impeccable service here.

It is therefore urgent that the Disney Plus offline viewing functionality be reworkedin order to offer a simpler and more transparent solution to its users.

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