What is the conversation hijacking attack that can cost you dearly?

If you don’t know about the conversation hijacking attack yet, you should pay attention to it. This very well-crafted scam could indeed expose you to great danger.

In their new report Email Threats and Trends, researchers from the company Barracuda analyzed 69 million email attacks in 4.5 million mailboxes.

Overall, mass phishing remains the norm, but we are seeing an increase in conversation hijacking: 0.5% of social engineering attacks over the past year, an increase of almost 70%. compared to the 0.3% recorded in 2022, experts note. Except that these targeted scams can generate much greater profits.

How it works ?

In a blog post, Kaspersky explains how this cyberattack works. First, cybercriminals need to gain access to the inbox and archives of an email box.

To do this, they can use brute force attacks to find the correct password associated with an email address, especially one that has already leaked online. In some cases, they also use malicious programs, including Trojan hairs, to remotely access this data.

Once they have gained access to the archives, hackers go looking for past conversations often linked to the operation of a company (partners, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.).

The idea is of course to get back in touch with the target and to usurp the identity of the interlocutor. The effect is all the stronger if the victim has established a relationship of trust with the latter and will be more inclined to take action: make a payment or give personal information.

How to protect yourself from risks?

Faced with the danger of this pernicious attack, it is of course advisable to use a sufficiently protective antivirus solution. We have also put together a very comprehensive guide on this subject.

It is also suggested to choose unique passwords for each of your professional emails. Be sure to minimize the number of external services you subscribe to with a professional email. Finally, and in the event of an incident related to this account, it is advisable to immediately change its password and check whether hackers have not used the account to send messages.

What you must remember :

  • The conversation hijacking attack is increasingly used
  • It requires a big effort on the part of the pirates
  • But the game is worth the candle for the latter, because the winnings can be very significant.

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