Want a movie? Here are the 3 films to see this weekend!

Like every week, the Presse-citron editorial team offers you a selection of films to see at the cinema this weekend. On the program, two new releases including a solar comedy as well as an exciting film to catch up on.

Love Lies Bleeding: fascinating and disturbing

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The new film by Rose Glass, director of the excellent Saint Maudimmerses us in a universe as fascinating as it is disturbing. Love Lies Bleeding follows Amber, a young bodybuilder who falls under the spell of the mysterious Lilian. But their toxic and obsessive relationship will gradually make Amber sink into madness.

Carried by the masterful interpretation of Katy O’Brian and Kristen Stewart, this feature film does not leave you indifferent. Critics praised the mastery of the direction and the oppressive atmosphere of the film, giving it a rating of 3.7 on AlloCiné.

Juliette in spring: a solar comedy

For this feature film, Blandine Lenoir offers us a sunny and touching comedy. Juliet in spring tells the story of a young children’s book illustrator who decides to leave the city to find her family in the countryside. But between a village that’s a little too quiet and its colorful inhabitants, Juliette will have to adapt to her new life. Izïa Higelin is sparkling in this feel-good film, perfect for starting spring with a smile. Jean-Pierre Darroussin, true to himself, brings his talent to this comedy rated 3.2/5 on Allociné.

Appointment with Pol Pot: a fascinating film on the history of the genocide in Cambodia

Nearly 45 years after the end of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime, Meeting with Pol Pot returns to one of the darkest pages in Cambodia’s history.

The year is 1978. For 3 years, Cambodia has been under the yoke of Pol Pot and his terrible Khmer Rouge, responsible for the genocide (still silent at the time) which caused the death of 2 million Cambodians. Three French people (a journalist, an image reporter and an intellectual) accept the invitation of the regime which prepares them an idyllic journey in the country. But the reality that they perceive under the propaganda will gradually change everyone’s certainties.

This necessary and exciting film reminds us of the importance of the duty to remember. The public was won over and gave it a score of 3.7 out of 5.

This is our selection of films to see at the cinema this weekend. Between thrills, laughter and reflection, there is something for everyone. So, which film are you most tempted by this week?

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