Tokyo Revengers will continue with a new anime project:…

Tokyo Revengers will continue with a new anime project:…

The next part of the Tokyo Revengers story is in the works, as revealed in a new trailer. The darkest part yet will soon hit the big screen.

Tokyo Revengers was one of the best anime released in recent times… until it was gobbled up by Disney and most viewers didn’t know where to watch the series. But it continues to do well and has even received the green light for a fourth installment.

In a new trailer, the next Tokyo Revengers ark has been teasedwhich is no surprise after the third season ends in December 2023. The season ended on a big cliffhanger, so it’s time to find out how the story will continue.

Tokyo Revengers: a new anime project revealed

The next arc of Tokyo Revengers is coming soon, with a trailer announcing the next installment in the series. Unfortunately, fans will have to be patient to find out if this will be another season of the anime or perhaps a movie, since that wasn’t made clear in the announcement.

Since there is so little information available, we also can’t say what the plot details of this upcoming project will be, as an anime is certainly capable of packing more into multiple episodes than a movie or project OVA.

There is also no specific release date for this project, so Tokyo Revengers fans will have to remain patient while LIDENFILMS works on this project.. With the third season being released in fall 2023, we expect it to be another year or so before the fourth part movie or show releases.