Street Fighter 6 Version 1.05 Update With AKI DLC Is Out Now, Patch Notes Revealed

Street Fighter 6 Version 1.05 Update With AKI DLC Is Out Now, Patch Notes Revealed

Street Fighter 6 is out now for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Steam worldwide. Read my 10/10 review of it here. Check out my Street Fighter 6 complete DLC guide as well for the editions, prices, and more. Today, Capcom released the Street Fighter 6 version 1.05 update with AKI character DLC, and also revealed the patch notes and balance adjustments. AKI is available for 350 Fighter Coins or included in the character and ultimate passes. The download size for the update is under 3GB on both Xbox Series X and PS4. Watch the Street Fighter 6 AKI gameplay trailer below:

Street Fighter 6 version 1.05 update AKI DLC patch notes and balance adjustments

The full patch notes will be updated here as usual as well.

Goods Shop Items Added:

  • Playable character AKI, AKI Outfit 2, AKI Colors 3 – 10
  • Avatar gear: SFL-JP ’23 Badge Bundle, SFL-US ’23 Badge Bundle, SFL-EUROPE ’23 Badge Bundle. Please note, the badges in the above bundles are also available as individual items.

To play as AKI, you must have purchased the character from the Goods Shop, or have either the Year 1 Character Pass or the Year 1 Ultimate Pass. You can also use a Rental Fighter ticket to try out the character for one hour.

Supported Languages – Latin American Spanish added to supported languages

Added Functionality – Added support for Share Screen functionality during online battles. (PS4/PS5)

Fighting Ground – AKI’s story added to Arcade Mode. You can now toggle ‘Button Release Input’ on or off via Control Settings on the Character Select screen for Versus and other modes. Ranked Match: A new rank, Legend, has been added for players that fall within the top 500 in the Master League rankings. Please note that the rank will only be possible from November 1, 2023, when Phase 2 begins.

Custom Room: Custom Room Display Settings have been added
Training Mode features have been expanded
Shortcut Settings: When setting a shortcut that uses the Function Button and another button, you can now register that other button on its own for use as another shortcut.
Reversal Settings: When a delay has been applied, Dummy Behavior settings from Dummy Settings will now be reflected during the delay period before the reversal activates.
Frame Meter Display: Display of invincibility frames added for AKI Please refer to ‘The Frame Meter and You’ in-game for info on the Frame Meter.
Gauge Recovery Timing: It is now possible to set P1 or P2’s gauge recovery to not kick in during recovery from a move on hit or block.
Recording Settings: (1) Only the Replay Playing mark will be displayed when a replay is started with the ‘Disable Only for Random Playback’ setting under ‘Replay Info Display’ applied. (2) An ‘Always Repeat Playback’ option has been added to the Repeat Replay options. When turned on, recordings will automatically restart from the beginning even after using Restart Battle or changing other replay conditions.

The Street Fighter 6 AKI Update balance adjustments are below:

Battle Adjustments – Areas that featured unintended behavior were fixed. For more details, please visit the following link: Battle Change List (27.09.2023)

Warning Regarding Replays After updating, you won’t be able to play back replays from earlier versions. CFN > Replay Replays saved to your Replay List will remain saved, but cannot be played back. Fighter Profile History data from earlier versions will not be displayed.

Battle Hub – A ‘History’ tab has been added to the Phrases and Stickers windows to access ones you’ve recently used in chat. The meaning of a sticker will now be shown when they are highlighted by the cursor. It is now possible to use stickers of some of the monsters from the Pocketest mini-game found on the Buckler’s Boot Camp companion site. Please note that you will be notified within Pocketest when you have acquired a sticker. – The number of Battle Hub servers available have been adjusted. More servers for hosting tournaments have been added.

World Tour – AKI’s Master Missions added – Tian Hong Yuan (China) and Daytime SiRN Building Interior areas added

Bug Fixes – Fixed an issue where it was possible to progress to Tier 21 and beyond of the Fighting Pass without purchasing Premium Rewards. Other miscellaneous bugs were also fixed.

The PS4 update history is:

  • New content added.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Battle balance adjustments.

Street Fighter 6 AKI gameplay screenshots and costumes

Check out the images in the gallery below:

Street Fighter 6 launch roster list

The full 18 character base game roster for Street Fighter 6 is below:

  • Luke
  • Jamie
  • Manon
  • Kimberly
  • Maria
  • Lily
  • J.P.
  • Juri
  • Dee Jay
  • Cammie
  • Ryu
  • E.Honda
  • Blanka
  • Guile
  • Ken
  • Chun-Li
  • Zangief
  • Dhalsim

Street Fighter 6 Year 1 DLC characters

The DLC characters are:

  • AKI (out now)
  • Akuma
  • Rashid (out now)
  • Ed

It is going to be interesting to see what else Capcom has planned for Street Fighter 6 this year and beyond.

Street Fighter 6 is out now worldwide for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.