Streamer defeats the Elden Ring DLC ​​boss with the power of…

In Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, where even the bravest hesitate, a Twitch streamer has rewritten the rules of engagement. Perrikaryal, known for her innovative gameplay techniques, did the unthinkable: she used mind control to defeat the DLC’s powerful enemies.

Elden Ring’s latest expansion, The Shadow of the Erdtree, has gained a reputation for its mind-boggling difficulty, proving difficult even for seasoned players. With its Steam rating hovering around “mixed” and notable figures like Asmongold throwing in the towel, it’s clear that this DLC requires more than just skills it requires innovation.

Shadow of the Erdtree: Mind-Controlled Mastery

Just as players approached the base game of Elden Ring with dance mats, Morse code, and, yes, even a goldfish, Twitch streamer Perrikaryal went her own way. His weapon of choice? A mind control interface powered by an electroencephalogram (EEG) which translates brainwaves into in-game actions. This revolutionary method allows him to literally perform maneuvers with the power of his mind. Perrikaryal’s EEG setup reads his neural signals and translates specific thoughts into commands in Elden Ring. Whether it be visualize a cricket bouncingimagining a push to roll, or channel anger to healhis mental acuity becomes the key to overcoming challenges that frustrated conventional players.

WE DID ITShadow of the Erdtree, first boss, COMPLETED with mind control, and ZERO HANDSI can’t believe it. It was the hardest thing ever. We have come this far! Let’s go

– Perri (@perrikaryal) June 22, 2024

Recently, Perrikaryal made video game history by Defeat Erdtree’s Shadow Divine Beast Dancing Lion, a feat many believed to be insurmountable. Armed with the Bloody Slash Ash of War and aided by a summoned ally, she staged a flawless victory thanks to its mind-controlled interface.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Perrikaryal continued to push the boundaries, even progressing to defeat the second major boss of the formidable Elden Ring DLC. Despite the limitations of his EEG device, she continues to refine her techniquedriven by the vision of making gaming more accessible through innovative technology.