Notion Sites makes website creation easier than ever: 4 reasons to try it

Notion Sites is positioned as a complete solution allowing anyone to create a professional and attractive website in just a few clicks, without the need for programming skills. This new tool could be a game changer for many entrepreneurs and creators looking to quickly establish their online presence without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

Introducing Notion Sites—the easiest way to make a website 🌐

We turned Notion’s “Publish” button into a full suite of features, including custom domains. To help you create personal websites, portfolios, travel guides, and more with just one click.

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— Notion (@NotionHQ) June 25, 2024

Notions Sites is simple

One of the main strengths of Notion Sites is its its simplicity and ergonomics. Using the same blocks and interfaces familiar to Notion users, the platform allows for a smooth transition from content management to web publishing.

Because although website creation platforms have become considerably simplified in recent years, they can still be time-consuming. With Notion Sites, the no-code productivity specialist allows users to focus on what really matters: their content and their message.

Notion Sites is flexible

Notions Sites also aims to be flexible. Whether you start with a ready-made template, a blank page, or use Notion AI to generate a draft, personalization is at the heart of the experience. This adaptability allows each user to create a site that truly reflects their identity and goals, without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

Integration with the existing Notion ecosystem is also a major advantage. Users can leverage their notes, documents, and databases already on Notion to power their website. This eliminates the need to duplicate or transfer information between different tools.

The platform also automatically manages complex aspects such as hosting, security and performance, allowing creators to focus on their content. Plus, the ability to easily connect a custom domain or choose one offered by Notion greatly simplifies the going live process.

This centralization of data not only saves valuable time but also ensures consistency between the internal workspace and the online presence. On the other hand, using a single tool makes the user (and therefore all their work) dependent on the proper functioning of the service.

Notions Sites makes life easier for the user

Notion Sites not only simplifies website creation, it also focuses on user experience. The new version introduces advanced navigation features, including a customizable top navigation bar and breadcrumbs, especially useful for complex sites like help desks. Integrated search further enhances the visitor experience, allowing them to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Notion Sites also includes a large number of customization settings. Users can adjust the appearance of their site with options like changing preview thumbnails, adding a custom favicon, and choosing between light or dark themes. These details, although subtle, help create a coherent and professional visual identity.

Notions Sites takes care of SEO

The SEO aspect, essential for good online visibility, has not been neglected. Notion Sites makes it easy to set custom SEO settings, such as page titles and metadata, thus ensuring good SEO in search engines. Integration with Google Analytics also gives site builders the ability to track and analyze their site’s performance.

The strength of Notion Sites lies in its ability to evolve with the needs of the user. Whether it’s a personal blog, a professional portfolio or a business site, the platform adapts to a variety of use cases.

By democratizing the creation of websites, Notion opens up new possibilities for entrepreneurs, freelancers and content creators.

  • Notion launches Notion Sites to make building websites easier than ever.
  • The tool offers seamless integration with the existing Notion ecosystem, enabling simplified content management and deep customization.
  • With advanced navigation, SEO and analytics features, Notion Sites positions itself as a complete solution

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