Life by You: the developer reveals that the team received a “thumbs up”…

Paradox Interactive, known for its diverse line of strategy and simulation games, had high hopes for “Life By You” as a serious competitor to “The Sims 4.” However, deputy general manager Mattias Lilja recently announced that the project was on indefinite hold. The move follows multiple delays in the game’s Early Access launch.

Initially, Life By You was expected to enter early access in September 2023. The release date was then moved to March 5, then June 4. But on May 20, Paradox Interactive postponed the game again, this time without giving a new date.

Developer Speaks Out About Life Because of Your Controversy and Sudden Delay

Willem Delventhal, a former developer at Paradox Tectonic, spoke out on LinkedIn regarding the controversy surrounding Life by You. According to Delventhal, simulation game worked ‘extremely well’ before Paradox delayed its release. The team had exceeded internal measures and received a boost just weeks before the planned launch on June 4, 2024. However, the match was postponed indefinitely. Delventhal shared on LinkedIn. The team was given no reason for the delay. They spent a month in limbo, trying to prove their worth, but received almost no feedback. The studio’s closure was also not communicated directly to the developers; they found out about it through a public announcement. Delventhal added:

Life By You: Paradox Interactive Shelves, an ambitious life simulation game

In a detailed statement posted on the Paradox Interactive website, CEO Mattias Lilja explained that a thorough reassessment of the status of the game had been carried out a few weeks earlier. The team estimated that essential elements were still missing of the game. Although we considered another delay, it became clear that the path to a successful exit was still too long and uncertain.Lilja mentioned that each delay led to noticeable improvements in Life By You. However, the game still didn’t have the desired quality of such a title. Faced with the reality that the game may never live up to these expectations, the decision was made to stop development.The potential downfall of Life By You was discussed earlierwhen CEO Fredrik Wester stated on the Paradox Interactive website that the game fell far short of its goals.

Despite the setbacks, Paradox Interactive transparency on the status of the project reflects their commitment to quality and player satisfaction.