iPhone: the iOS 17.5 update is available, here are the new features

Two months after the release of iOS 17.4, Apple began deploying the iOS 17.5 update on May 13, 2024. In addition to integrating a few fixes and minor features, this version of the iPhone operating system Above all, it brings a major development for European users: the possibility of downloading applications directly from a website. A direct consequence of the implementation of the Digital Markets Acts (DMA), which requires Apple to open up more to competition within the European Union since March 2024.

An iOS application can now be distributed outside the App Store

Alongside the deployment of iOS 17.5, Apple unveils “Web Distribution”: a program, already introduced in March, offering the possibility to developers to distribute their applications on their website. To be eligible and thus free themselves from the App Store, a developer must however meet several conditions: “Be a member of the Apple Developer Program for two consecutive years or more “as well as having designed an application which was “installed more than a million times on the App Store in the last calendar year”, indicates the firm.

Also, an eligible developer will have to pay the Core Technology Fee : a fee of €0.50 for each new installation when the application exceeds one million downloads during the past year. All this, of course, while scrupulously respecting the standards and guidelines of Apple, particularly in terms of security and data protection.

The main new features of the iOS 17.5 version

Beyond this new possibility offered to developers and users in the European Union, the software update brings two relatively minor changes to the iPhone:

  • Changes in the interface: a few icons benefit from an overhaul on iOS 17.5, like Reading objective in the Books app or Access to identification keys in the tab Privacy and Security. The widget of the Podcasts application, which has included transcription functionality since the launch of iOS 17.4, now has a colorful and dynamic background.
  • Enhanced security for AirTags: following the example of Google, which designed a device alerting users in the event of tracking by a Bluetooth tracker, Apple would also have integrated an “anti-stalking” functionality for its AirTags on this iteration, report our colleagues from SamaGame.

How to download iOS 17.5 to your iPhone

To access the latest iPhone software update, the procedure is as follows:

  • Open the app Settings,
  • Click on General,
  • Choose Software update,
  • The iOS 17.5 update should be available for download.

As with every update, the Apple brand recommends downloading by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Connecting the device to the mains is also recommended.