How AI fits into SEO tools to help with your SEO strategy

How AI fits into SEO tools to help with your SEO strategy

AI is a central topic for most digital professionals. SEO specialists are also impacted by the emergence of artificial intelligence. They are obviously a prime target for generative AI tools like ChatGPT, but AI is also increasingly present in the tools they use on a daily basis. SE Ranking, a specialist SEO platform, details how AI is increasingly integrated into its functionalities to help SEOs or agencies save time and be even more efficient.

Insights into your competitors and trend analysis

One of the strengths of AI is that it makes it possible to analyze large quantities of data quickly and efficiently. This is certainly a major asset for SEO, particularly for detecting significant insights, such as predicting emerging keywords. According to SE Ranking, AI will allow SEO specialists to save a lot of time in analyzing your performance and that of your competitors. Concretely, by integrating AI, SE Ranking can now help you find keywords with high traffic potential and low competition. The Insights tool allows you to :

  • Identify keywords and pages with positions that are easy to improve,
  • Detect your competitors who are gaining positions in order to identify all current trends,
  • Identify pages that are ranked on the same keyword in order to control cannibalization,
  • Identify pages whose content is of poor quality compared to your competitors,
  • Identify keywords whose impressions or clicks are decreasing or increasing significantly,
  • Distinguish new pages from your competitors ranked in the SERPs.

These new tools are useful for all digital professionals. For an SME, insights are a great way to find actions with quick SEO gains. For agencies, the tool provides essential data to prioritize actions to take on the client side.

Create and optimize content

Another key point of AI for SEO professionals: content creation and optimization. AI makes it possible to generate content automatically: blog articles, product sheets, content translation, etc. With the right prompts, it becomes increasingly easy to write effective and convincing content, and to rank it on Google. Here again, AI is a good way to save time and focus on strategy rather than tasks with little added value.


AI also makes it possible to specifically optimize content for SEO: recommending structure, keywords, topics to address, etc. SE Ranking allows you to take advantage of these advances in AI to optimize your content marketing. The tool helps you, for example, find topics with traffic potential, create briefs, write your content, or measure the quality of content. A great assistant for having an effective strategy and using content to support your SEO goals.

On-page SEO check

SE Ranking uses AI to allow its users to verify that their pages are optimized. Analyzing your pages is a good way, for example, to check if your content and the UX of your pages are up to par, but also to understand how your competitors optimize their pages and their content.


The proposed SEO audit is extremely comprehensive and allows you to check numerous metrics, and to have a precise view of the actions and fixes to be taken as quickly as possible. Very powerful, this tool will review many factors that influence your positioning in the SERPs: content analysis, key elements on the page, link analysis, page experience, image analysis, etc.

Analysis of your competitors

Another important feature for SEO professionals: analyzing the actions taken by your competitors. Here again, AI allows SE Ranking to offer a competitive analysis tool powerful and efficient. For each website, you can get a complete view of organic and paid strategies:

  • Traffic analysis: estimation of clicks, cost of traffic, best performing keywords, etc.
  • Complete data on your competitors’ keywords: ranking and analysis of keywords (volume, difficulty, CPC, etc.)
  • Backlink analysis: number of backlinks, list of domains, etc.
  • Competitor analysis: identification of your SEO and SEA competitors, distribution of your competitors’ organic keyword rankings, SEO dynamics, etc.
  • In-depth SEA analysis: most popular keywords among your competitors, identification of the best performing advertisements, etc.

Competitive Research

All this data allows you to implement an SEO strategy based on detailed analyzes of what your competitors are doing, and to make the right decisions.

More and more information about AI Overviews

Google is generalizing its “search generative experience” with which the search engine will respond to Internet users’ queries directly from the browser using AI. With such a system, the Internet user will have less and less need to click to go to a website, the content will be directly displayed and synthesized by Google. A profound evolution of what Google is, which will be closely scrutinized by SEO professionals. The risk is in fact to lose a significant part of organic traffic.

Optimization for Google SGE will be a central concern for SEOs in the months to come. It will be essential to offer structured data, but also to create content adapted to this new research environment. SE Ranking will offer dedicated analytics for SGE data in the coming months. The goal is to allow you to find the actions to put in place to continue to be visible on the search engine, and get ahead of your competitors.