Here’s how AI could transform your iPhone in 2024

The month of May was very rich in news in the field of artificial intelligence. After the presentation of the new GPT-4o model by OpenAI, Google also pulled out all the stops during its Google I/O conference. Among the most important announcements is the integration of the Gemini model on Android smartphones, and on other Google products, such as Google Search and the Workspace productivity suite.

As for Apple, it will present its new iOS 18 operating system in June, during the WWDC conference. And if this conference is highly anticipated, it is because Apple should also take advantage of this event to unveil features based on generative AI that will transform the iPhone. Recently, Apple has been vocal about its ongoing work in generative AI. However, the firm has not yet indicated what features will be offered to the general public.

But, while we wait for the June announcements, the latest newsletter from Mark Gurman, journalist at SamaGame, gives us a glimpse of how the experience on iPhone could be improved thanks to AI.

Improved Siri, productivity, etc.

According to Gurman’s explanations, Apple would improve Siri’s conversational capabilities. The result is that we should therefore have more natural interactions with the iOS assistant. Apple would also develop a feature called “proactive intelligence” which would help the user in carrying out their daily tasks.

For example, the firm would use AI to provide automatically generated summaries of notifications. For example, we would have summaries of articles, transcriptions of voice memos, etc. On the other hand, Apple would also use AI to offer new photo editing features. On the other hand, according to the SamaGame journalist, Apple’s generative AI would not be sufficiently evolved to allow it to launch a competitor to ChatGPT or Gemini. In addition, some managers would be against this idea, because of the controversy that could cause the errors that a chatbot could produce.

A partnership with OpenAI?

Thus, in order to offer a chatbot to iPhone users, Apple would rely on a partnership. The firm has reportedly discussed with Google and OpenAI. But ultimately, the firm decided to rely on ChatGPT. And currently, OpenAI is preparing its infrastructures so that they can support traffic from iPhone users.

Obviously, for the moment, this information should be considered with extreme caution, since it comes from an unofficial source. But what is certain is that Apple must make announcements related to generative AI in order to remain competitive. In addition to the fact that the Gemini model is coming to Android, Samsung already offers a multitude of very practical AI features on its latest high-end smartphones.

  • This May, OpenAI presented the GPT-4o model, while Google made plenty of AI-related announcements during its I/O conference
  • Apple will present iOS 18 at the WWDC conference and should take the opportunity to unveil new features based on generative AI for the iPhone
  • According to journalist Mark Gurman, Apple will improve the conversational capabilities of Siri, and offer practical features such as notification summaries, or even AI features to improve photo editing
  • On the other hand, Apple would not yet be ready to release its own chatbot and would have to rely on a partnership with the creator of ChatGPT to integrate a chatbot into the iPhone

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