After ChatGPT and Gemini, a new AI from Amazon? Here’s what we know (for now)

Amazon is working on a new version of its Alexa assistant, with which we would have more natural interactions, thanks to recent developments in generative artificial intelligence. Moreover, recently, sources have suggested that this new version could be paid for, and be called “Remarkable Alexa”. But in addition to this new assistant, it is possible that Amazon will also develop a more direct competitor to ChatGPT.

Metis: a chatbot comparable to ChatGPT?

At least that’s what a recently published article from SamaGame suggests. Citing sources close to the matter, the media explains that Amazon would have a secret project called “Metis” (like the Greek goddess of wisdom?), which would be a chatbot similar to ChatGPT or Gemini from Google, and which would be accessible from a Web browser. Metis would perform better than Titan, another AI model that was developed by Amazon. And this would be able to generate text, as well as images.

Furthermore, Amazon would like to use a technique that would allow Metis to exploit recent information, in addition to the data with which it was exploited. For example, it would be possible to ask Metis what the price of a stock is. AI should also be able to plan trips, or even control connected objects. But, as usual, since this information does not come from an official source, it should be considered with caution.

A project that would be supervised by the CEO

According to SamaGame, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy would be directly involved in this project. This suggests that this is an important project for the company. And currently, Metis is already being tested internally by Amazon.

  • In addition to developing an improved version of Alexa, Amazon reportedly has a secret project called Metis
  • This would be a chatbot competing with ChatGPT and Gemini, and which would be accessible on the web
  • Amazon CEO Andy Jassy would be directly involved in this project
  • One of the advantages of Metis would be its ability to exploit recent information and this AI could, for example, be able to give the price of a stock

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