16 Amazon Fans That Will Save Your Summer

After a very uncertain time, summer seems to be making a comeback. And it was about time! While enjoying the sun delights us, seeing the temperature rise in our living room or office is much less enjoyable. So to counter this heat that can quickly become unbearable, the fan is our best ally. Cheaper and less energy-intensive than air conditioning, it allows you to stay cool without increasing the bill. Amazon also offers a multitude of models to adapt to our desires and needs. From high-performance tower fans to classic pedestal devices, practical desktop formats and ingenious connected versions, there is clearly something for everyone.

You may also be lucky enough to see their prices drop in a few days. Amazon Prime Days are making their big comeback from July 16 to 17. For 48 hours, the site will reveal to its Amazon Prime members very attractive discounts on thousands of references and brands. But if you are not yet part of the Prime team, do not worry. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial so that you can take advantage of these days with XXL promotions but also many other advantages such as Prime Video or priority delivery. And if you do not want to wait, rest assured, these fans are already available on the site. So find your happiness among these 16 Amazon fans unearthed by us.

A pedestal fan

This is THE classic fan par excellence. With it, you are clearly playing the safety card. Synonymous with reliability, it has the advantage of blowing its air directly at your height. It is also raised enough to avoid any problems if you have children. It ticks all the boxes in short! With its great performance, it can sit just as well in your living room as in your bedroom. In most cases, it offers several power levels and an oscillating function.

A column fan

Forget about fans that aren’t really stylish! With tower fans, your device becomes a real decorative object. Their aesthetics are designed to fit into any type of interior. More understated than pedestal fans, they are most often really powerful. Ideal for cooling off when temperatures really rise! Practical, they generally have a fixed function, but also an oscillating function.

A desk fan

Because we know how much the temperature can rise in a closed office or even an open space, the desk fan is the perfect solution for working without inconvenience. Compact, it can be easily positioned next to a computer and offers targeted freshness that is perfect for you. And don’t worry, it is silent so as not to disturb your colleagues. Its use is really simple. It is equipped with either a plug or a USB port to plug it into your computer or into a socket integrated into the office. Practical and efficient!

A connected fan

Gone are the days when you had to go to the device to change the power or simply turn it off. With connected fans, all the features are accessible from your smartphone. This way, you can optimize your travels, but also your consumption since you can control it even when you are away. This way, you preserve the planet while making your life much more comfortable.